The martial arts can be fun and rewarding, and with the proper attitude and practice you will see
improvement in focus, self-esteem, flexibility, discipline, self-defense, and physical fitness among
other benefits. Parents will see improvement in their children's schoolwork, grades, respect and
Dickson Taekwondo has been training students for over two decades and will continue to
improve the community and it's people for generations to come. We are the
longest operating martial arts school in Dickson County. We are dedicated to continued service
to our present and future students. We have a vested interest in supplying the best possible
training for all students past and present. Few schools can match our commitment and ability
to produce the best possible martial artists and citizens possible.
Dickson Taekwondo is a part of the Choong Sil Kwon Federation and is recognized
nationally. With certified CTF instructors we offer the best program in the area and strive to
improve this program. We are committed to excellence.
Everyone is welcomed at Dickson Taekwondo. Beginning or experienced martial artists
welcomed. Walk in and partake in a class or for a free personal starter course call

Dickson Taekwondo
608 Henslee Drive
Dickson, Tn., 37055(Across from the Dickson County Senior High School)