Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or would you like to link with us then please contact
us at
615-446-5622 or e-mail us at or come in for a free class
at 608 Henslee Drive Dickson, Tn., 37055(Across from the Dickson County Senior High School)
Dickson Taekwondo
Dickson Taekwondo hears many testimonies of the benefits from our programs. Classes are
fun and rewarding. Children with ADD & ADHD have an increase in focus and a reduction
Students learn to become goal oriented and improve their self-esteem upon the
accomplishment of those goals. With this, students are able to face any of life's challenges
with confidence.

Dickson Taekwondo has been training students for over two decades and will continue to
improve the community and its people for years to come. We are the longest operating
martial arts school in Dickson County. We are dedicated to the continued service of our
present and future students, producing the best martial artists and citizens possible with
certified instructors who are committed to excellence.

Everyone feels at home at Dickson Taekwondo. Beginning or experienced martial artists are
welcomed. Walk in or call anytime for a complimentary starter course or a private class.
3 Classes with a Free Uniform for only $34.99